You will also be at the right address at Gooimeer for all horizontal anchoring systems. 

Gooimeer can supply GEWI anchors as well as others. They are anchor bars made of high-grade steel with a rotating screw thread over the full length of the anchor. GEWI anchors can be supplied in the dimensions of 16 – 75 mm. We also, of course, supply all possible fixings such as anchor nuts and plates, coupling bushes, etc. for this anchor system. 
Smooth horizontal tie rods with rolled thread ends are part of our delivery programme. The ends of these tie rods can also be provided with an eye or hammerhead. The dimensions in which the anchor bars are supplied can vary from 8 to 200 mm. The anchors can be supplied both in standard and high-grade steel and the maximum length that can be produced for an individual anchor is 27 metres. Coupling bushes, turnbuckles, nuts and plates are also supplied for fixing and extending these anchor bars. 
In addition to anchors, Gooimeer also has other products for hydraulic engineering in its range. Gooimeer can also, for example, supply girders, rod assemblies, bollards and steps. These products can be supplied in different sizes, dimensions and qualities. 
Gooimeer works in partnership with the producer of the ASF anchor from Sauerland, Germany, in the area of horizontal anchors and hydraulic engineering products. This company has been operational in the production of anchoring solutions for decades and has developed during the last decade as an established and well-known supplier of different products for the hydraulic engineering sector.