The costs of (temporary) steel sheet pile constructions often form a significant proportion of the total building costs. By renting the necessary steel sheet piles and steel beams instead of purchasing them, it is possible in most cases to achieve considerable savings on the total costs and avoid large investments. Steel sheet piling is excellent for use in temporary constructions such as building pits, pipe and sewer trenches, damming, sag pipes etc., and after use it can usually be extracted and reused easily.

Every earthmoving, road building and hydraulic engineering project lays its own requirements on quantities, section strength, sheet pile length and usage time. In short: almost every building pit requires different quantities of different profiles of steel sheet piling.

Gooimeer specialises in the rental of steel sheet piles and steel beams. Our storage site in Almere has a considerable range of steel sheet piles and steel beams of different sections and lengths in stock, so that we can almost always make a suitable offer for a temporary building/construction pit. If the period of use becomes very long, it is possible to consider purchasing the products with a guaranteed buy-back price at the end of the time of use. Gooimeer is also your best partner in this area.

General Rental Conditions