1. Wadit: the perfect interlock sealant

Leakage in any water-retaining sheet pile wall is highly unwelcome. If you fill the sheet pile interlock with Wadit interlock sealant, you will be selecting a very good and cost-effective solution.

Wadit is a bitumen type sealant that is poured at a high temperature in the sheet pile interlocks. Wadit has a very strong bond and an extremely high flexibility including at low temperatures with its (rubber) elastomer modified with styrene-butadiene. Wadit remains plastic after application up to approx. -20 °C. Above 0 °C, Wadit can be applied without additives while under 0 °C, the flexibility is improved by adding Wadit Flex.

The flexibility of the interlock sealant is of crucial importance for permanent sealing. Every sheet pile will move within specific margins during the use phase. As long as the interlock sealant can continue to follow these movements, the sheet pile wall will continue to be watertight. That is why flexibility (including at high temperatures) and bond are two important requirements to be met by the interlock sealant.

Wadit is suitable for:
- Making steel sheet piles impermeable;
- Keeping soil away from the piling interlocks so that they heat-up less quickly;
- Reducing the interlock friction during the installation of the sheet piles.

Environmentally friendly
The base materials of Wadit consist of natural, raw materials. Test reports from the German environmental institute LGA conclude that Wadit can be used in groundwater and surface water areas without negatively effecting the environment.

Processing and storage
The Wadit interlock sealant can be heated in full with the environmentally friendly packaging up to approx. 130 – 170 °C. The packaging will dissolve up to 170 °C completely without leaving any residue. Next, pour Wadit in the interlocks using a zinc pouring receptacle by preference. The 25 kg bags must be stored in a closed room at a maximum temperature of 30 °C.

Download here the specifications of the Wadit interlock sealant.

2. Hoesch PU sealant system

The Hoesch polyurethane sealant system is a highly effective sealant. This machine-profiled seal is applied mechanically to the unused pile interlock and is injected into the middle interlock of the double sheet pile sections. The use of a primer ensures an excellent bond between the sheet pile section and the seal.

The material of the seal is polyurethane. This sealant is resistant to weather and aging, it remains elastic after application and is resistant to (salt) water, mineral oils and many acids. HSP Hoesch Spundwand und Profil has extensive experience in the applicability of this sealant and various contaminated environments, and is happy to advise you on specific situations. 

Download here the data of the Hoesch PU sealant system