In partnership with Gooimeer Hoesch Spundwand und Profil has developed an application for the calculation of corrosion linked to sheet piles. With this application, you can calculate the resulting strengths and rigidities of the sheet piles produced by HSP at the end of a service life specified by you.

Using the application is easy. You only need to follow the step-by-step plan. You must enter a number of variables such as the section, service life, corrosion protection and corrosion speed.

The corrosion speed is, for example, based on CUR 166, but can also be entered manually. The application concludes with an overview of the entered values and shows the remaining mechanical properties of the sheet pile. By entering your email address, you can also be sent the overview as a PDF file.

You can also use the application on your smartphone. If you scan in the QR code, it will immediately take you to the application. Next, you can create a shortcut and an icon will be added to your smartphone. By tapping the icon, the application will be opened directly.

Click here to start using the application.